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Yamamoto Kyogen Company (2)

1. Yamamoto Kyogen Performance at Yokohama Nogakudo

2. Exerpt from Shidohogaku & Tsukimizato

3. Samples of kyogen movement:

Sample 1: Mountain monk, who found the persimmon fruit, was trying to find the persimmon fruit and steal it.

Sample 2:  The ower who finds the mounain monk stealing persimmons, makes a plan to make fun of the monk.The master says, it's ok if the someone eating his persimmon is crow, but if it is a human, he would shoot with a bow and arrow.The panicked monk imitates the crowing, and the owner has a big laugh at it.

Sample 3: The owner asks the monk to act the animals one after another, and finally to imitate the eagle.Then, the owner asks to fly, and then the monk jumps down from the tree.

Sample 4: The monk who knew he was being teased, uses his magical powers to let the owner carry the monk and takes him to the inn for nursing.


Sample videos from the website of Yamamoto Kyogen Compnay. 

動画紹介 - 柿山伏 - 大蔵流狂言 山本家